Activision orders closure of largest Call of Duty Warzone statistics website

Activision orders closure of largest Call of Duty Warzone statistics website

Call of Duty Warzone gathers daily millions of users on PS4, Xbox One and PC, becoming one of the biggest hits of the Activision saga. As in any multiplayer title, statistics play a key role for players, and today SBMM Warzone it is one of the most important portals.

Or at least it was. Activision ordered the closure of the SBMM Warzone portal a few days ago, whose headquarters are in Belgium, and which today was the 6,000th website on the list of the most popular portals on the Internet. Apparently, it is all due to a matter of privacy terms.

SBMM Warzone does not have the official Activision license to collect Call of Duty Warzone statistics, but it had become one of the most important and trafficked websites on free to play. Yes OK announced the closure on social media, have asked Activision to a solution is sought.

Activision reported SBMM Warzone for a number of issues. Among them, stands out the statement that ”the site violates Activision’s IP terms of use”, in addition to infringing the intellectual property rights of the video game company. On the other hand, the privacy terms do not coincide with those stipulated by the European Union and the United States.

One of the solutions that SBMM Warzone is looking for is to become an official Activision partner, in order to have the license and permissions to publish and gather the statistics of Call of Duty Warzone. Among the most prominent policies on this website, we find premium memberships, with a cost of 4 and 6 dollars a month.

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SBMM Warzone is a relatively new website, and from within it is insisted that monetization and paid subscriptions are not a problem, but rather Activision’s concern for privacy policy. Attempts are made to join Activision and abide by the company’s terms of use as a solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, SBMM Warzone will remain closed indefinitely, until a possible solution is found. If you regularly play Call of Duty Warzone, you may be interested to know that you can now use the R1 Shadowhunter and the Ice Drake Blueprint skin in warfare.

Source: PC Gamer

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