A Monster Hunter Rise DLC-related bug may prevent you from entering your saved game

A Monster Hunter Rise DLC-related bug may prevent you from entering your saved game

Monster hunter rise came out last week on Nintendo Switch with a massive success (around 4 million units sold in its first weekend). Users are generally happy with the version received upon release, although we know that there will be regular updates to add more monsters, starting with one at the end of April.

Before that, however, a first patch should arrive that fixes a bug that may cause you to be unable to open your game. It has to do with the DLC pose sets, which are purchased separately. If you place the “Attack” and “Damage” pose sets in the radial menu or in the action bar, if you quit your game or close the game, then you will not be able to reopen the game.

If you have bought these two sets of poses (each one costs 1.99 euros in the eShop), or you bought the pack that includes all the poses and skins for 19.99 euros, from the official Monster Hunter account they ask you to do not add them to these menus until the menu is fixed. Yes, you can safely activate them from the pause menu.

In any case, while working on a patch, they have withdrawn both sets of poses from the sale, as well as the aforementioned pack that included all these DLC, to save possible troubles.

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Source: Capcom via NextN

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