XCOM: Chimera Squad rated for PS4, Xbox One and Switch by PEGI

XCOM: Chimera Squad rated for PS4, Xbox One and Switch by PEGI

XCOM: Chimera Squad was announced last year, the spin-off of the sci-fi strategy series returned as the first game in the series since the expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Of course, there was a slight downside to all this, and that is that the title was announced for PC with no more platforms in sight.

But that may change shortly as PEGI rated the game for your Premiere on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. For now, from 2K Games there has been no update and / or future information on the game, so that -if done- surely the arrival of XCOM: Chimera Squad these consoles could be done in the future.

In the game we control Chimera Squad, an elite group tasked with minimizing protests in a mega-city on the brink of collapse. It has been five years of XCOM 2 and we are no longer in a human vs alien invader war, in fact the two species cooperate and work together.

That is a small part of our analysis, which we finished: “XCOM Chimera Squad is a game that serves as a starting point to enter the genre of turn-based strategy. Drink a lot of XCOM 2, but it brings a lot of good ideas at the playable level without losing the essence of the saga. It has bugs, yes, and it is not a jump like the previous installment, but if you like the genre, you will love it“.

In the PEGI page appears as dates on March 26, but at the moment there is no news about its launch on these consoles other than on the web.

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Presumably in the next days / weeks there will be an announcement about it, but what is at the moment we do not know anything.

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