Where and when to see the 10×21 chapter of The Walking Dead

Where and when to see the 10x21 chapter of The Walking Dead

Although the new batch of episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 was announced as each one going to focus on different characters, there are some protagonists who cannot be given a single chapter, that’s why 10×22 puts the focus back on Carol and Daryl’s friendship.

Titled “Each by their side”, this new episode of The Walking Dead, the penultimate of this additional batch, is going to return to focus on one of the most surprising friendships of the AMC series, the one starring Carol and Daryl who, according to the preview published by Fox Spain on its Twitter, is going to be put in danger.

“Daryl and Carol come to a fork in the road and part ways. Each entering their own survival mode, the easiest of challenges becomes much more difficult. Will their individual trips be the turning point necessary to repair their friendship or is the distance between them permanent? “, Reads the official synopsis.

As on previous occasions, the 10×21 episode of The Walking Dead It can be seen on VOS, at dawn from Sunday March 28 to Monday at 3:30 on FOX, while for the dubbed version it will be necessary to wait until 22:30 on Monday 29 in the same chain.

“Each one by his side” is the penultimate episode of this Additional batch of The Walking Dead season 10 which will end with a chapter dedicated to Negan.

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