What Demon’s Souls Can Teach Stunt Specialists About Human Movement

What Demon's Souls Can Teach Stunt Specialists About Human Movement

The Latin America PlayStation Blog leaves us an interesting and novel story about a mocap professional who had to learn again after 20 years doing the same. You already know that life is wonderful and one never stops learning something new, and that is what happened with the game, since all the animations of the original game had to be done with motion capture. All this told by Eric Jacobus, boss SuperAlloy Interactive for motion capture.

Gavin moore, creative director, and Chris Torres Animation Director, they took it upon themselves to execute the same feel that players would recognize from the original while expanding it in innovative ways to be true to the gameplay. Capture movement of the system combat in Demon’s Souls required precision: timed attacks, navigation, dodges, and kills, or the player’s “responses” had to be playable, faithful and solid; not too fast, not too slow, Moore directed intention and technique, Torres the correct metric,

The movements of the 20 classes of arms, in addition to walking, running, stopping and turning, all rhythmic, and combined in patterns called “dance cards“First the easy ones, later the difficult ones.”The first dance card took us an entire day of capture, but gradually we economized and were able to finish one in 70 minutesWhen doing combat animations, each was five stages: initial stance, anticipation, attack, recovery and final stance, but being a Japanese game in spirit Demon’s Souls has many postures. “Rather than perform brutal character-infused attacks, Gavin directed me to be more neutral and focus more on final poses.“.

Moore and Torres they suffered for the weight of the weapons to be felt by the player, sometimes using various very heavy weapons, but the team had to redo NPC screenshots and cutscenes. Besides, the aesthetic for PS5 had Chris color the world with ground reflections, weather effects, and foliage, while Gavin brought the world to life with notes like bells and pit smells, trusting that artists would react to the world by acting. “My role as stunt coordinator on Demon’s Souls included coordinating the opening cutscene, which includes a shot where the hero fights eight enemies in one shot.“.

The responses were the most exciting for Demon’s Souls Remake, the deadly blows from the front or from the back have different touches on each weapon. “So we sought the help of Maggie Macdonald, she also interpreted the movements for the female lead and dozens of responses. For her, the goal was to maximize the weight and intensity of the movements to deliver a satisfying death blow.“To get the animation detail, motion capture with these professionals was crucial, but it was one more part of all the laborious work.

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As stunt specialists, when we are fortunate enough to work on projects like this, we will find ourselves accompanied by directors and animators who have an eye for action.“. AND this was his favorite part: “learning how to move in new ways, I gained a new appreciation for Japanese action and animation, with its emphasis on poses and silhouettes that evolved over the centuries in Kabuki theater“.

Source: PlayStation Blog LATAM

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