This may seem like a spectacular new game, but it is actually a creation in Dreams for PS5.

This may seem like a spectacular new game, but it is actually a creation in Dreams for PS5.

After its launch the February 14, 2020, it is clear that Dreams continues to enchant players and those who enjoy the creations of these players. And it is that the game of Average Molecule Its main premise is the imagination of the users, the game offers you endless possibilities at your fingertips to create all kinds of things.

And it is that during this year we have seen recreations of other games, the author of one of the creations was hired by a study, the works of the National Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum were recreated, a game with multiple open worlds … And so we would be a for a while longer, because the imagination never has limits, and that is precisely what new that we bring you here today.

Twitter user @ BRobo82, famous at other times such as his famous Arashiyama bamboo forest, has shared a new creation in Dreams for PS5. He has called this one “Waterfall City“And as right now you will be thinking – perhaps even more so after seeing the main image – yes, it is a place with waterfalls in the background, lush forests and more.

But what is more surprising as he says in a tweet: “I have taken a 4 day break to redesign my old waterfall scene again“Maybe that scene he’s referring to. is this, uploaded to his YouTube channel just 5 days ago. We leave you with him video in better quality just below, we assure you that it is very worth taking a look.

The buildings that can be seen in the scene, as he comments in a tweet by way of reply himself, are materials created by @Preshie and slight modifications for video. For more curiosities, you have available your Dreams profile.

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¿What do you think of the creation in Dreams for PS5 of this user?

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