The Suicide Squad – James Gunn explains the design of King Shark and how he convinced Stallone to lend him his voice

The Suicide Squad - James Gunn explains the design of King Shark and how he convinced Stallone to lend him his voice

While some fans demand on social networks that the supposed montage of David Ayer of the Suicide Squad premiered in 2016 be released, Warner has preferred to turn a deaf ear and release the trailer for its new version of Suicide Squad, this time directed by James Gunn.

And although it has been possible to see the return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn or Idris Elba as Bloodsport, without a doubt the character that has created the most expectation has been the impressive King Shark, the DC villain in the form of an anthropomorphic sea creature to whom Sylvester Stallone also lends his voice, Gunn’s surprise signing that generated numerous rumors about who he was going to play.

An expectation that has generated numerous doubts about this character, especially because of his appearance so different from the comics, in the illustrations it is a hammerhead shark while in the film it is a soft shark, questions that Gunn himself has been in charge of answering through his Twitter.

“We did tests with the hammerhead shark design, which I love and were going to use right from the start, but having eyes to the sides and so far away made it very difficult to record interactions with other characters. You couldn’t really see how I was looking at the other person and the shots came out too wide. ”

About the similarity of this King Shark with the one from the Harley Quinn animation series, Gunn has clarified that it is pure coincidence, as well as the fact that it looks like a “cute” creature since from the beginning they tried to make it look just the opposite.

“I love the King Shark design in the Harley Quinn series but it’s a complete coincidence since we were shooting a year before it was released. And yes, I realize that he is adorable, which is very strange because we try to avoid this not using the typical thing that is used in anthropomorphic figures that make us say: “aww” like Baby Yoda or Groot. Its eyes are small, its mouth is large, and its head is small compared to its body. ”

But the director’s best revelation is the way he offered Sylvester Stallone the role of King Shark in The Suicide Squad: “I wrote this role for you in The Suicide Squad. It won’t take you long.” “Oh yeah?”. “Yeah, it’s some kind of chubby shark that eats people.” Laughter, “anything for you, bro.”

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