During the Filming of films always rumors and anecdotes that cannot be confirmed if they are real or not until one of those involved in it vouches for its veracity, sometimes confirming stories that seem even unreal.

Like that rumor that emerged during the filming of Spree to the End, Seth Rogen and James Franco’s crazy movie about a group of celebrities who face the apocalypse after having a party, who assured that the actress Emma Watson, who has a cameo in the film, left in the middle of the shoot because she did not agree with one of the scenes that she had to interpret, in addition to her discomfort at the fact that everyone drank and smoked weed between scenes.

A rumor that is true, as confirmed by Rogen himself in an interview with the British GQ in which it has also clarified that the actress knew at all times the scene she was going to shoot, in addition to ensuring that he perfectly understood his decision and that to this day there is no kind of animosity between the two interpreters.

“When I remember it I don’t think:” How dare he do it? “I just think that sometimes when you read something and then see it come true, it is not as you had imagined it. But it was not a terrible end for our relationship. Emma came back the next day [de marcharse] to say goodbye to everyone. He promoted the movie. There are no tensions and he was also happy with the final result of the film, “confessed Rogen.

The scene in question from Spree to the End that Watson was so horrified by, involved a Channing Tatum in a leather thong turned into the slave of a Danny McBride who had decided to be a cannibal, a moment that did arrive at the final cut of the film without the presence of the actress British, whose presence was limited to a small cameo after which he kept part of the food of the protagonists.