How to defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: best weapons and tactics to defeat the flagship monster

How to defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: best weapons and tactics to defeat the flagship monster

Monster Hunter Rise is here and with him a number of the most intimidating monsters land on Nintendo Switch. The standard bearer of this title is the Magnamalo, a beast that serves as the game’s first great boss and that will be a considerable challenge for any player.

The cause of the Frenzy? How important is the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise? We leave that to you for you to discover, but so that you arrive prepared for combat, both in low range, as high, here we leave you a series of tips that will help you to end this monster.

How to defeat the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: best weapons and tactics to defeat the flagship monster

Magnamalo behavior and techniques

The first thing you should know is their behavior. The Magnamalo bears certain similarities to other Tusk Wyverns., like for example the Zinogre. Defense of this monster? A quick, withering attack.

The Magnamalo will haunt you with constant setbacks, blows, jumps and his most lethal weapon, a cloud of infernal fire that will release and detonate in various ways. If the explosive steam hits you, it will inflict a hellfire plague that deals delayed damage to you. To get rid of this plague you must use cordoesprint skills or apply deodorant.

Fighting the Magnamalo is extremely annoying, since you will have to dodge its attacks all the time. We recommend that you do short and quick combos to be ready to protect you or dodge their stakes. This monster also has very powerful ranged weapons and jumps. With its tail it will generate energy balls and a “laser” that can knock you out if you get lost. His most damaging attack causes him to teleport at lightning speed from the sky on a downward trajectory.

Techniques to defeat him: better weapons and weaknesses

As usual, the monster’s head is its weak point. This is where we will apply the most damage, either with cuts or with blows of a mace or shield. With projectiles we will cause less damage to any part of the body.

If you can’t hit him on the head, opt for a much more affordable area, blade arms. They are more accessible and you can disable one of their offensive resources. And speaking of suppressing threats, if you want to have a calmer combat, you’d better try cut off its tail, since the vast majority of their attacks come from there.

When it comes to weapons, the best you can equip is something that is balanced and not too slow. The long sword, the shield sword or the insect glaive they are good options. Although you can also use a good spear and ensure defense and a simpler, but constant attack.

By last, the Magnamalo is more vulnerable to the water element and secondly, to lightning, so make sure you have weapons of these elements to make the hunt more enjoyable. Good luck and remember that this monster will be much more difficult to hunt at high rank.

Monster Hunter Rise EMBARGO

If you want to know more about the monster, check the Hunter Notes in your menu to have all the information you need. And speaking of information, do not hesitate to consult other guides: how to climb to high rank faster to get the best weapons and armor, 8 tips that you will be grateful to know before you start playing, Monster Hunter Rise Frenzy: tricks, tips and best tactics for the new game mode. We also leave you the analysis of this Nintendo Switch game.

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