Good and comfortable Razer Kraken gaming headphones even in summer, compatible with PS5, Xbox and PC, for only 55 euros

Good and comfortable Razer Kraken gaming headphones even in summer, compatible with PS5, Xbox and PC, for only 55 euros

If there is a brand that in the world of video games has become a reference, that is Razer. And that is why all the products they launch are a good option within their category. This is what happens with Razer Kraken, a headband-type headphones that are perfect for gaming both for their good sound quality and for their comfort. And in addition, they are compatible with all platforms, a safe purchase.

Sound quality is just as important as picture quality in order to enjoy a video game. Many times we dedicate a greater investment to the image than to the audio, but we should not. The Razer Kraken are an ideal choice because they have everything you need at a price that is still affordable, because you can buy right now on Amazon for about 55 euros.

They are designed to offer us a perfect gaming experience. Their 55mm drivers provides an essential physical surface to be able to reproduce all the necessary frequencies. And at the same time, it makes them large, which makes them very comfortable to play by completely covering the ears and not pressing them, something key for when we are going to play for many hours.

Its design is robust to last us many years, so the investment ends up being interesting. Is it so built with an aluminum structure, which makes it difficult to break, and provides a more premium look. Something that also makes these headphones more comfortable is that they have a gel pads that cool down very quickly. These headphones are great for the summer. The padding is also present on the headband so that playing for many hours is possible.

The headphones with which they have is unidirectional, and it is retractable. We can remove it and save it if we are not going to use it, or we can adjust it to suit it.

And the best thing about these headphones is their cross-platform capability. We can connect them through jack cable for use with a PS4 or PS5, also with Xbox Series X and Xbox One, with the Nintendo Switch or with the PC.

With a price of 55 euros it is a very interesting purchase. Much better than buying cheaper ones thinking that we are saving money, that they are of less quality, worse construction and offer us a significantly inferior gaming experience. The Razer Kraken they are a safe bet.

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