Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Cheats, Tips and Best Tactics for the New Game Mode

Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Cheats, Tips and Best Tactics for the New Game Mode

No more defeating a single giant monster. With Monster Hunter Rise we will have to follow a tower defense-style strategy, but taken to the extreme and facing the wave attacks and waves of monsters.

Frenzy is a whole new mode that offers us an experience full of chaos, monsters and many gadgets at our disposal. To know how to optimize all the resources that the game makes available to us, we give you some tips that will be useful to you.

Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise: Cheats, Tips and Best Tactics for the New Game Mode

Establish your defenses and have an action plan

In the Frenzy we must defend our fortress and for this we will have to place a series of weapons. On the ground it is better to place bombs, baits or heroes of the village of Kamura. On the parapets we will establish cannons, ballistae, machine guns or wyvern cannons. These last defenses can be automatic (controlled by villagers) or manual (the player will be in charge of using them).

As the waves of monsters follow one another, your fortress will level up and you will be able to access more defenses. However, the important thing here is to have an action plan so that the circumstances do not overwhelm you. If a door falls, don’t panic, step back to a safe position and focus on that area. Don’t go backwards, stay firm and use your resources. But also you will have to leave room for improvisation.

If you play with friends, keep good communication

The Frenzy wins much more if you play with acquaintances and you can better organize yourselves if each one has a role and an established position. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise does not include voice chat, so we recommend external applications to maintain smooth communication with the team of defenders.

Take advantage of large-caliber weapons

In the different phases of the Frenzy you can use high-caliber weapons like the classic Dragon Slayer, Hunting Gong or the Fire Wyvern. They are weapons that take time to reactivate, so be sure to use them when you can do serious damage to various monsters, especially with Wyvern Fire. You can reduce its cooldown on forges, but this will leave you exposed.

Use limited resources wisely

Limited resources are unique special defenses that will normally be the main characters in the story. Fungen, the twins Minoto and Hinoa … each has tremendously useful power and ability. However, their use will be temporary, so you must be clear when to use them, so as not to waste that opportunity.

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Know the weapons that work best with each monster

  • The cannons They are usually placed in front of a door or barrier, to hit monsters whose only objective is these defenses.
  • The ballista They allow you to knock down monsters and are very fast to handle, ideal for taking down winged monsters.
  • The repeating weapons they will serve to unleash a large amount of damage, but are best used from a distance.
  • The wyvern cannon it is devastating, but slow. Place it in bottlenecks or in places where multiple monsters pass at the same time.

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