What to do if you encounter problems when renewing Disney Plus

What to do if you encounter problems when renewing Disney Plus

This week marked the first year of life of Disney Plus in Spain. The streaming platform of the House of the Mouse arrived at the end of March 2020 just at the time when a vast majority of the population was confined to their homes, becoming a “lifeline” for those who needed home entertainment and who did not the house would come over them. Series like The Simpsons or The Mandalorian helped at that time. Now, a year later, many annual subscriptions are being renewed, but not all at the initially agreed price.

The initial Disney Plus promotion consisted of an annual subscription to the service for € 59.99 the first year and € 69.99 the second. The arrival of Disney STAR caused the annual price to rise to € 89.99However, those who signed up with the initial promotion would still benefit from the second year at € 69.99.

However, in some cases of automatic renewal the payment is resulting in an error message. This has led to the Disney Plus customer service lines being a bit saturated with people complaining and asking to know what to do. Luckily the OCU has offered a series of steps to follow to be able to resolve the problem satisfactorily.

We leave you directly this extract from its website:

To do

  1. Based on the response given by Disney Plus to some subscribers, the technical support advises that users renew the subscription at the price of 89.99 euros, even though it is not the agreed price for the renewal.
  2. Then contact Disney + to request a refund of the difference. You can contact by phone 911 23 45 48 or from the Disney Plus Help Center . Chat and phone hours are from 9 in the morning until midnight.
  3. Be patient for a few days to receive an answer: At Disney + they acknowledge being saturated by the avalanche of claims.

What not to do

It is essential that don’t cancel your Disney + subscription: since then you will not be able to renew at the promotional price.

The OCU is closely monitoring these incidents so that subscribers who want to continue having the Disney Plus service at the agreed price can do so. You know, if any of you have encountered or come across this error, the steps you must follow are those. Especially that of patience, which we are aware that it is not one of the greatest virtues of many people. Soon you will be able to continue watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier (or whatever you want to see on Disney Plus, of course)

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