They discover a new trick in Kirby 64 after 21 years

They discover a new trick in Kirby 64 after 21 years

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was launched 21 years ago, specifically in March 2000, to Nintendo 64 and it is now that an intrepid group of retro researchers has discovered something new. Apparently there was a secret trick with which you could unlock 100% of the game in your save file.

This trick, discovered by these Kirby fans and that serves as part of the “Kirby 64 decompilation project“, it has been possible to know thanks to Twitter user @Graample. And, seeing what it takes to achieve it, it is not surprising that the trick has been in the shadows until now, because it’s completely absurd.

To achieve it you need a specific save file, restart the game and press a series of buttons. If everything is done completely, you will have a file at 100% progress, so it may be the work of the studio in charge, perhaps to give quick access to the entire game or something similar. To do this, you first need your / a Nintendo 64, it would not work Wii U neither Wii.

  • Creates a 0% save file in the third slot, but the second must be empty.
  • Restart the console. Before starting, there must be two controllers connected.
  • With the 2nd command:
    • Holding down [L]: C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, Start

Now, the thing does not end here and to do everything you will have to make sure that all these things are also made so that it can work. It’s all a bit complicated, and we still don’t know how people come to discover these things in games, but it is wonderful that a game continues to offer its secrets.

  • There must be a controller plugged into slots 1 and 2 of the Nintendo 64 console.
  • It doesn’t matter what is in File 1 of the game. There may be another one at 100% or even empty.
  • File 2 must be empty.
  • File 3 must have a new one, just created and at 0%.

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In it mini Twitter thread created by @Graample on this you can see some more curiosities.

Source: Twitter (Thanks, Gameranx)

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