The Suicide Squad trailer cameo honoring the creator of the modern Suicide Squad

James Gunn shares the official poster of the Suicide Squad, which precedes the arrival of the first trailer

After a long wait, yesterday afternoon we finally had access to the first trailer for The Suicide Squad, the DC movie directed by James Gunn that will arrive this year with the aim of “rescuing” the Suicide Squad after its famous fiasco of 2016. The trailer, loaded with action and humor, presented many of the characters that we will see on the big screen, and also had a curious cameo fleeting that many fans missed, but not all.

James Gunn himself, responding to the writer Gail simone, has recalled the cameo of John ostrander in the trailer for The Suicide Squad, where he appears preparing to “thoroughly inspect” Savant.

Ostrander is the creator of the Modern Suicide Squad, the current team that in 1987 replaced the original formation, which was active in the dc comics since 1959. The fleeting tribute is a tribute to Ostrander’s contribution to comics and the help he gave to shape the film. In addition, Gunn emphasizes that the writer was an actor, which helped in his scene.

The Suicide Squad is scheduled to debut in theaters and in HBO Max in the United States next August 6, 2021. It is very likely that in those countries where HBO Max does not serve, the film will be early a few days to reach theaters, in the same way that it has happened with Godzilla vs Kong this week. There is still time to know if James Gunn will be able to remove the bad taste in the mouths of the 2016 film from fans.

Did you notice John Ostrander’s cameo in The Suicide Squad trailer?

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