The notable differences between the Suicide Squad’s King Shark and the one from Rocksteady’s video game

The notable differences between the Suicide Squad's King Shark and the one from Rocksteady's video game

Yesterday afternoon we finally saw the first official trailer for The Suicide Squad, the DC movie directed by James Gunn which brings back the Suicide Squad for a new “mission of no return” in which they must save the world … or die trying. One of the characters that has attracted the most attention in the trailer, for better and for worse, is King shark, the human-shark hybrid that will give voice to Sylvester Stallone. But we’re going to see a very different version of King Shark than the one we’ll see in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Rocksteady continues to work on his next video game inspired by the dc comics and that you will see many of the Suicide Squad characters putting up a lot of war. While character iterations like Harley Quinn or Captain Boomerang They are very similar to those in the James Gunn movie, the same is not the case with King Shark.

In-game, the character will feature the voice of the WWE star Samoa Joe. The character has the most realistic appearance of a great white shark, and despite having a goofy personality, he speaks perfectly and has intelligence. It is an iteration much closer to the DC comics.

On the other hand, The Suicide Squad has shown us a much sillier version of King Shark, more in the vein of the Harley Quinn animated series. Aside from the deliberately goofy design of the character, the personality he has goes to play. In the trailer we can see him in various situations of comic relief that gave the feeling of being a “Groot“gore. His chubby appearance also helps give that goofy image of the character, far from the menacing look of the Rocksteady iteration of the video game.

Which version of King Shark catches your eye the most?

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