Slowpoke is now a Pokémon mascot for the postal service in Takamatsu City, Japan

Slowpoke is now a Pokémon mascot for the postal service in Takamatsu City, Japan

Slowpoke has become the mascot of the Takamatsu Postal Service!“This is how this funny news has reached us about one of the, perhaps, more likeable and remembered pokémon of the entire saga created by The Pokémon Company. Now, in the Japanese coastal city and capital of Kagawa Prefecture, he is the mascot.

Is slow and abstracted“, says the official pokédex about the creature, but we are sure that he will do his best. All this we have been able to know thanks to a tweet from the official Club Yadon accountfrom Udon Prefecture, where they want both equally; interestingly, they also seem to be very slowpoke pokemon lovers.

According to the tweet, it appears that “the Slowpoke Post has been created“, hence the news about the postal service of the city of Takamatsu. But in this case they inform us of it from the official Twitter account of the Embassy of Japan in Spain, which with great joy began to say the same thing that you could read at the beginning of this news.

But the thing goes beyond Slowpoke being a postal service mascot when delivering mail, they say: “In this city, located in the prefecture of Kagawa, a new postal service has been installed in charge of this Pokémon, which has fun mailboxes, vans and its own commemorative stamp“.

In short, Takamatsu has not gone for the simple, so instead we have this nice slowpoke pokémon with mailboxes and vans full of the creature’s motifs. And as if that weren’t enough, it even has its own commemorative stamp.

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¿What do you think that Slowpoke is now in charge of the postal service of the city of Takamatsu?

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