Godzilla vs Kong smashes the Chinese box office on its first day

Godzilla vs. Kong Cast Join "Team Godzilla" or "Team Kong" In New Movie Trailer

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, we have lost the habit of releasing news related to the box office revenues of many films. The absence of big premieres that “burst” the box office makes it very punctual the case in which we can speak of a film having reaped a good result. Luckily, a giant gorilla and lizard have given us reason to talk about it. Godzilla vs Kong arrived yesterday at a good part of the international market with the two colossi ready to get tickled.

Most of the global fundraising data for Godzilla vs Kong won’t be available until Monday, however, thanks to The Hollywood ReporterWe do have access to the film’s data in China, one of the markets that can currently provide more or less reliable data than what existed before the pandemic.

According to the data, the first day on the billboard of Godzilla vs Kong has been settled with $ 21.5 million, surpassing even the premiere of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019. Estimates are that the film will end the opening weekend (in China) with just over 60 million dollars.

Godzilla vs Kong It has also debuted in other countries, although the “COVID effect” will play a fairly important role in the numbers that the box office will show in the coming days. In Spain, although about 80% of cinemas will be open this Easter, security measures and capacity limitations will make profits lower than they would have been in normal times. Still, it’s sure to be a major booster for battered showrooms.

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