Evercade anticipates its Evercade VS. A new multiplayer console?

Evercade anticipates its Evercade VS.  A new multiplayer console?

Last June 12, 2020 Evercade arrived in Spain, a new portable console with very interesting premises, especially because the retro blaze console it is a closed system. Thus, does not allow roms or emulators from third parties and bases much of its appeal on interchangeable cartridges.

In our analysis, we told you that it was a console that fulfilled its initial objective as a laptop, but with a slight detail and that is that it may not be for everyone. Yes, Evercade It is an interesting proposal for anyone who wants to be retro, legally, at reasonable prices and with an interesting collector component; but if it is not your case, it may not be your goal.

Well, it seems that Hola is anticipating the arrival and / or presentation of a new evercade console. Under the name – right now – of Evercade VS, it might include some kind of multiplayer, such as Atari Lunx, which allowed two players to compete using a single handheld device.

Although of course, seeing that now more companies have noticed Nintendo Switch for upcoming designs -Tencent or Qualcomm the most recent-, ¿it would be something similar to this? Furthermore, as it also uses the name Evercade,we must assume that the cartridges of the first Evercade will work this new, and supposed, Evercade VS?

At the moment we don’t know, for now just the date that points to something next month in April and the space that has now been dedicated to this Evercade VS on the website.

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¿Do you have any theory of what this new Evercade VS could be??

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