Crash Bandicoot On The Run Was Downloaded Over 8 Million Times In Its First Day

Crash Bandicoot On the Run is now available for iOS and Android devices, with a new trailer released

Crash Bandicoot On The Run has been the leap from the saga to Android and iOS mobilesBut you can already be pleased with its massive success on devices. According to the data provided by Sensor Tower, its premiere on smartphones has been accompanied by more than 8 million downloads of the game, and that is data from its first day of release. Whereby, those numbers will have increased even more.

The mobile adaptation of Crash Bandicoot by King it may not have been well picked up by many, but the game has been well received by stores for each operating system. Craig Chappel, Mobile Information Strategist at Sensor Tower, shared a few tidbits with TheGamer: “Our data shows that the game has generated 8.1 million global downloads on the App Store and Google Play on its launch day.“.

However, since March 23, when it was released in advance on the App Store, the game had had a few 11.4 million downloads“Chappel kept saying.”The United States was the No. 1 country in downloads on March 25, followed by Brazil as second, Mexico as third, and the United Kingdom as fourth. “.

To put it in perspective, back in 2019 Call for Duty: Mobile broke all records by being downloaded more than 100 million times in its first week. Yes Crash Bandicoot On The Run continues with its daily rhythm of 8 million, it would end its first week with 56 million downloads, something not comparable to Call of duty, but yes to Fortnite (with 22.5 million only in the APP Store) and PUBG Mobile (with 28 million) both in their first weeks.

In Crash Bandicoot On The Run en we will go through a multitude of known locations of the saga in a new platform game, while we will face different bosses. There are various extras, such as building bases or an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Crash Bandicoot On the Run brings back iconic villains like Thorn Thing or Mr. Crumb

Crash Bandicoot On The Run is available for free on iOS and Android and you can download it now, unless you are one of the many millions of people who have already done it.

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