Anthem CEO Announces Leaving BioWare After Nearly 10 Years

Anthem CEO Announces Leaving BioWare After Nearly 10 Years

Most of the titles released by BioWare enjoy critical acclaim, but the study has been in the works for a few years. stand by. While Dragon Age Inquisition was a hit with numerous Game of the Year awards in 2014, Mass Effect Andromeda was less well received – partly because of its fondness for Shepard – and Anthem in 2019 was a fiasco.

And although around Anthem there were plans to revive it, under a Anthem Next, the project was canceled and will not proceed; now its direct, Jonathan Warner, leave the study. The manager had in BioWare practically a decade, with various roles behind him reportedly GameSpot, was a producer on Mass Effect 3 and chief of staff.

Before joining BioWare, Warner worked primarily on games for disney, helping out in a wide variety of games based on movies from the Mouse franchise. This even to titles, such as Cars 2 and Toy Story 3. In your ad, Warner does not reveal if it will stay in the video game industry or will opt for something else.

Similarly, it does not indicate whether the negative reactions around Anthem, or the cancellation of Anthem Next, have had something to do with it. Although he has commented that the BioWare franchises They are in good hands with the current staff working in the studio, plus they can’t wait to play the new Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect.

Despite all this, and games with cold releases by users, things remain in high regard at BioWare. Although at the moment the new titles are still in development without a launch window, many also continue to want to play them.

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For now, we wish Jonathan Warner a safe journey wherever he ends up settling after this farewell.

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