A new mainline standalone Transformers movie is in the works at Paramount

A new mainline standalone Transformers movie is in the works at Paramount

Like it more or like it less, the 2007 Transformers film saga became a valuable asset to Paramount. Michael Bay directed the first five films featuring the adventures of Optimus prime and the Autobots to the big screen to face the Decepticons. In 2018, Travis knight was commissioned to direct Bulblebee, the prequel centered on the popular Autobot and his arrival on Earth as a forward.

Actually, Paramount Pictures has a new film underway directed by Stephen Caple Jr., the director of Creed II. This film will be part of the main line of films that we know to date, although we do not know in what chronological order it will go.

In addition, as reported The Hollywood Reporter, one eighth transformers movie has gone into production with the director Angel Manuel Soto placeholder image. This film would not be part of the main arc of the saga, although it has not been specified 100% if it will be a spinoff or if it will be a completely independent film.

The script of the film will be provided by Marco Ramirez, which has among its credits series such as Sons of Anarchy or Daredevil. In addition, his work on the marvel series served as a springboard for him to be the co-creator of The Defenders, the group series of Netflix with the group of “street superheroes” of New York. This project shows that Paramount wants to bring different points of view and ways of working to the Transformers saga, which was about to be “pigeonholed” in the style of Michael Bay.

What do you think of this independent film project (or spinoff) of Transformers?

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