Yakuza 6: Clan Creator codes to unlock ALL characters

Yakuza 6: Clan Creator codes to unlock ALL characters

Yakuza 6 has been available in the West for a couple of years now, and during its first months of availability the development team has been sharing different Clan Creator codes for the minigame, and that allow us to obtain practically all the characters.

If you have already enjoyed Yakuza 6 for a few hours, you will know that the Clan Creator minigame is one of the most popular, but unfortunately through it we cannot get all the characters just by playing, but we require some codes that are likely that you’ve overlooked in recent times.

On the occasion of the availability of the program on Xbox Game Pass, we are going to gather all these codes in one place, with this Complete list of Clan Creator codes for Yakuza 6 that will allow you to unlock all the characters in the adventure, and we will even point out their corresponding rarity.

Yakuza 6: Clan Creator codes to unlock ALL characters

Thanks to these Clan Creator codes for Yakuza 6 you can get new characters for your ranks.

Some of these characters can only be obtained thanks to these codes, which are totally essential if you want to complete your entire collection.

There are rarities that range from the most common to the super rare, and we point it out to you along with the codes.

Complete list of Clan Creator codes for Yakuza 6

  • 00ishiidriller00 – Tomohiro Ishii (Rare)
  • 0banshee0muzzle0 – Evil (Rare)
  • 0herculescutter0 – Nakanashi (Rare)
  • 0intheredakiyama – Akiyama (Super Rare)
  • 3qxi6yigsh03detx – Ono Michio (Common)
  • 7r30m9zduh0mjia1 – Amon (Common)
  • adreamingakiyama – Akiyama (Rare)
  • amasterbartender – Bartender (Rare)
  • atpercentdragon – Kazuma Kiryu (Super Rare)
  • bestcoachsodachi – Sodachi (Rare)
  • binwanproducer00 – Toru Yano (Rare)
  • blackpantskoumei – Komei (Rare)
  • datewithmako2018 – Makoto Date (Super Rare)
  • detectivemandate – Makoto Date (Rare)
  • elingobernable00 – Tetsuya Naito (Rare)
  • firebirdsplasher – Bushi (Rare)
  • heaintnojoeshmoe – Joe (Rare)
  • itsthegedoclutch – Gedo (Rare)
  • kiryusavemepleaz – Daigo Dojima (Super Rare)
  • kojimacozycutter – Satoshi Koijima (Super Rare)
  • m5bxokqrsielv19d – Daigo Dojima (Common)
  • maddoggoromajima – Goro Majima (Rare)
  • masterofdropkick – Ryusuka Taguchi (Rare)
  • mistertokyodome0 – Hiroshi Tanahashi (Rare)
  • mystrymansatsuki – Satsuki (Rare)
  • nagatalocknagata – Yuji Nagata (Rare)
  • napqwi7otvm124ha – Komei (Common)
  • norestforkazumak – Kazuma Kiryu (Rare)
  • ohnoonomichiokun – Ono Michio (Rare)
  • pnjtef9stvonk4u9 – Satsuki (Common)
  • puroresunewjapan – Captain New Japan (Rare)
  • rainmakermrokada – Kazuchika Okada (Rare)
  • rainmakerokada0 – Kazuchika Okada (Super Rare)
  • s66x7baqn4ecaee9 – Kazuma Kiryu (C)
  • shibatagotosleep – Katsuyori Shibata (Rare)
  • shouldertoleanon – Masao (Rare)
  • strongmachineddt – Super Strong Machine (Rare)
  • t2omq7fm5kbjpour – Goro Majima (Common)
  • the6thheadoftojo – Daigo Dojima (Rare)
  • theanacondacross – Hiroyoshi Tenzan (Super Rare)
  • thedragonsleeper – Hiroshi Tanahashi (Super Rare)
  • thesecretjoamon – Amon (Rare)
  • thestardustpress – Tetsuya Naito (Super Rare)
  • thesupernovarana – Kushida (Rare)
  • uvhvd2h7wi95ghnl – Makoto Date (Common)
  • vrjr9a7sx9z6mmtv – Taiga Saejima (Common)
  • yanoonikoroshi00 – Toru Yano (Super Rare)

With this list of Clan Creator codes for Yakuza 6 there will be no character that can resist you to unlock, regardless of their rarity. We recommend which skills to unlock first in Yakuza 6 and how to earn more EXP and everything you should know before you start playing.

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