Video games, movies, records and role-playing games before Ready Player Two

Video games, movies, records and role-playing games before Ready Player Two

Attention, the following report may include “spoilers” about the story of Ready Player Two. We will not reveal the main argument, but the references we include below can give clues to the planets that Wade and company visit in the book.

However, if Before reading it, you review any of these movies, role-playing games, video games or records, you may enjoy it much more. We leave it up to you to review these documents or surprise you in the novel … or in the film adaptation of Ready Player Two when it arrives.

Of course, we only highlight the main elements, those that have more relevance in the story, but as in the other works of Cline (Ready Player One, Armada), there are many mentions of popular culture, particularly the music, movies, and video games of the 1980s.

Ready to travel back to Oasis and complete a new quest? Well, equip in your inventory what we tell you below.

  • The role-playing games in Ready Player Two
  • Tolkien’s works in Oasis
  • Video games featured in Wade’s quest
  • Discs and Movies in Ready Player Two

To recover the soul of the mermaid, the main mission of the heroes in the book, the protagonists visit different locations both in the real world and in Oasis. As was the case in the first book, it is important to know the pioneers in role-playing games. Those players who locked themselves in the basement to play the first version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Lboard role-playing games

Dragones y Mazmorras (which is how we know it in Spain) was first published in 1974, and was the pioneer in the board role -the games with a “dungeon master” who narrates the adventure and players with character sheets, who carry out their actions with dice rolls-. If you are lovers of classic RPGs, do not miss this report on the golden age of the role in Spain.

dungeons and dragons

Those RPG games have become popular again thanks to works like Stranger Things (in fact, the basic manual has been reissued with the adventure of the Demogorgon). But the most interesting thing about Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s work was the modules that the players themselves created.

Dungeons and Dragons was also a source of inspiration for personal computer text adventures like Zork, which is a genre that is mentioned several times in Cline’s work. So before you dive into the novel, you’d better roll 1D20 and brush up on your knowledge of the bestiary and D&D rules.

Stranger things dungeons and dragons

Here we leave you the trailer and new details of the next Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance that will be launched on June 22 for current and next-gen consoles, as well as PC. If you don’t know D&D, but you have done your “first steps” with The Lord of the Rings RPG, Runequest, Rolemaster or other fantasy role-playing games, surely you will catch all the references the same.

The works by JRR Tolkien

Whether it’s through books, movies, or Next series that Amazon Prime prepares on The Lord of the RingsWe are sure you are familiar with the JRR Tolkien universe. There are a lot of references to the trilogy in Ready Player Two.

However, the Extra points will go to those who have read The Silmarillion, a work much “harder” and more complex than The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, and that narrates the creation of Middle Earth and the events that take place during the First Age (the best known events take place in the Third Age).

Are you not so “put” in Tolkien’s work? No problem, the book explains where the names of objects and characters that have been replicated in Oasis come from, but it is always a special satisfaction for the reader. recognize Shadowfax, the king of the Meara, or the swords carried by the protagonists.

The Lord of the rings

You feel like Wade or Halliday himself, the creator of Oasis, the more things you recognize in the book. By the way, if you are followers of JRR Tolkien novelsI’m sure you’re interested in seeing the first trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Videogames in Ready Player Two

The Classic video games had a starring role in Ready Player One, and his presence in the second part was something we looked forward to. Of course a lot of titles from the 80s and 90s are mentioned, and there is also talk of classic consoles.

sega ninja

But in this case there is a title that stands out especially, and is related to the soul of the mermaid. It’s about Sega Ninja, the 1985 arcade game that was later released for the Master System as The Ninja. This arcade contains a lot of curiosities, which are reflected in Ernest Cline’s book, such as the fact that it was originally called Ninja Princess, and that it was starred by a kunoichi (a shinobi woman).

The book explains how the western version was changed, even detailing elements of the development. Again, there is a great documentation work and a special affection for classic video games.

sega ninja 2

How? That you did not know The Ninja? That’s because you haven’t seen our spectacular Top 10 with the best ninja video games. It is not necessary that we have finished it – nor that we know the “easter eggs” as it happened with Adventure in Ready Player One, but surely we especially enjoy the first part of the game if we know Sega Ninja.

80s movies and music

Finally, the book also abounds in references to pop culture in movies and records. And it is not a question of making it as easy as in the film adaptation (here is our review of Ready Player One). In this case, Parzival must visit Oasis worlds based on more personal works.

If in the first book it was about War Games, in this second John Hughes films are the real stars. And if you haven’t grown up in the 80s, they may be more difficult to remember. It was about adolescent cinema, with works such as El club de los cinco (The breakfast club), The girl in pink (Pretty in Pink) or All in one day (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).

The club of five

All these films, and a few more, have in common their teenage characters, their development in high school and a lot of cross references and secrets that we are not going to reveal because they are important in the development of Ready Player Two.

We may not have seen them as many times as The Goonies or Back to the Future, but they are part of the film culture of the 80s, and it may be useful to refresh them before diving into the novel.

And as for the soundtrack? Well, in this case, it wouldn’t be bad if we listened to some songs by Prince (The Artist or The Symbol) because it plays an important part in Parzival’s new quest. I admit that it was the subject in which I was more “fish” when I read the novel – little more than Purple Rain and Tim Burton’s Batman Soundtrack– and it would have been good for me to know the artist’s discography before reading Ready Player Two.

If you are on all the issues that we have reflected in this report, you will surely devour the pages of the novel – very much in line with the first book. Although it was launched in 2020 in its original version, it has just appeared in Spanish.

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