This is the exclusive and expensive bust of the Resident Evil 2 licker in life size

This is the exclusive and expensive bust of the Resident Evil 2 licker in life size

Surely you still remember the first time you saw the Licker from Resident Evil 2. In the middle of the corridor of the Raccoon City Police Station, Leon or Claire ran into this terrible creature, provided with a long tongue, an unspeakable face and a devilish speed.

Many years have passed since then, but the Licker is still one of the most legendary monsters from the Capcom saga, which terrorized us again in the recent Resident Evil 2 Remake. How about having a life-size recreation in your home?

As you can see in the sales portal Pure arts, the artist Mikael Lalievre He has designed a life-size bust of the Licker from Resident Evil 2, which has all kinds of details and is exactly the same as the model we see in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The question is … at what price can you get it?

You could already imagine that it would not be cheap at all. And indeed, it is not. Pure Arts sells this 1: 1 scale bust of the Licker at a price of 899 dollars, although it has shipments to Europe, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, Russia and other countries.

As part of 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil saga, the artist Mikael Lalievre has launched this terrifying bust, which recreates part of the body and the bloody head of the Licker. There is an advantage, and that is that, being blind, you can go unnoticed if you walk slowly when you go to bed …

On the Pure Arts website you can see many images of this bust, as well as a video and other details of the figure. Is about a limited edition and exclusive to this portal, so you can run if you want to buy it. There are 666 units available, but only 100 have the author’s signature.

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  • Huge 1/1 scale detailed sculpture, with exposed brain and muscle tissue, detailed and massive teeth
  • Licker design based on the Resident Evil 2 remake
  • Removable replica knife made in soft resin with a bloody blade.
  • 666 Standard Edition Units + 100 Exclusives from (Signed Art Print)
  • Delivery date: second quarter of the year 2022

In case you want to adopt this precious Licker, you can do it from today, either in its standard edition or with the signature of the artist Mikael Lelievre. Of course, the order will not arrive until within a year, about. Do you have room for one more pet at home?

Source: Pure arts

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