The bizarre Superman theater that has triumphed in Got Talent Italia

The bizarre Superman theater that has triumphed in Got Talent Italia

Superman is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved and celebrated comic book characters in history. The last son of Krypton It has marked millions of fans over the decades and has made the leap to the big screen in multiple iterations that have captivated fans to a greater or lesser extent. The extraordinary strength of Kal’EL, his goodness and his dedication to protect the weak are some of the most recurring aspects of the character.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League may have left you wanting more Superman than Henry cavill. Well, we’re not giving you that today. Instead we are going to look at Italy, the boot of Europe, to look at something that happened in Got Talent Italy.

Giustino Carchesio, a contestant on this internationally renowned talent show, has brought Man of Steel himself to the stage of Got Talent Italia with a bizarre theatrical performance in the purest comic style.

Wearing cardboard props and a Superman costume, Carchesio has wowed the show’s jury with his portrayal of the dc character. Accompanied by the unmistakable music from the classic Superman movies, composed by John williams, and the most current, born from the baton of Hans zimmer, this daring contestant has exuded love for the Kryptonian all over the stage. So much so that one of the judges has given him the golden pass, so he will act directly in the final of the program in Italy.

Take a look at his performance, which is certainly different from what is usually seen on these shows.

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