Super Impostor Bros – Among Us fan-made Game Boy title now available

Super Impostor Bros - Among Us fan-made Game Boy title now available

Among Us swept the last bars of 2020. The game became a fad of immense popularity thanks to the streamers and, although the fever for impostors and crew members has subsided, some continue to pay the most curious tributes.

The case of Lumpy, a staunch fan of the saga has been the most remarkable thanks to developing your own Among Us game for … Game Boy Color! The intrigues and lies are over, it’s time to enjoy the platforms with the Among Us touch.

Super Impostor Bros is a classic platform game that imitates Super Mario Bros and that can be downloaded now for free for PC and even Game Boy. Such has been the attention that this project has attracted that even Among Us’s own Twitter account has made mention of this.

This title will serve to regain your spirits for that A formula so social that it caused a sensation among millions of players a few months ago. It should be noted again that Among Us is a proposal that arrived in 2018, but it was thanks to Twitch that it came to life.

What do you think of this crazy idea? It seems that everything about this game is surreal and is that the viral drawing of a child that turns a character from Among Us into a Nazarene for Easter. We remind you that the Among Us plane map will finally be released on March 31st.

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