Sifu and his martial arts reveal more details in new video: we will grow old with each death

The keys of Sifu.  The martial arts game for PS5, PS4 and PC

The last State of Play left us with a revelation that caught the attention of many. Sifu, an indie fighting title developed by the creators of Absolver, It generated great sensations and over the weeks, it has continued to release important details.

In a presentation within the Future Games Show of GamesRadar, Sifu presented some new video images while the CEO and co-founder of SloCap, developer in charge of the project, provided more details.

Pierre Tarno provided data on the game’s campaign. Sifu will tell us a story of revenge where we will have to look for the five murderers who killed our family. Each of these final bosses will be related to different fighting styles and natural elements: fire, water, metal, wind, metal, and earth.

On the other hand, some gameplay mechanics were uncovered. Although it has not been confirmed, Sifu could establish a kind of permanent death and that is, the character will grow old every time we die. We will be very attentive to everything related to this.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that the fight will drink from styles such as Kung-Fu, We can also use other weapons or interact with the stage itself to come out of the different combats with flying colors. Here you can see the preview of Future Games Show:

In case you want to know this game in depth, here we leave you the report that we dedicate to it: The keys to Sifu. The martial arts game for PS5, PS4 and PC. We remind you that, unlike Absolver, this game will be oriented exclusively for a single player.

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