Returnal reveals more gameplay and narrative aspects of its exclusive PS5 proposal

Returnal reveals more gameplay and narrative aspects of its exclusive PS5 proposal

Future Games Show by GamesRadar has been organized recently and in this event a number of important details were revealed about some games that will reach consoles and PC in the next few bars of the year.

One of the protagonists has been Returnal, the PS5 exclusive created by Housemarque which will land on the next-gen console next April 30th. Before his arrival, it is time to continue learning about this title and everything he wants to contribute to the console’s catalog.

During a presentation in which a gameplay was seen, Housemarque’s marketing director, Mikael Haveri, continued to detail That rogue-like third-person action proposition, that will leave all the protagonism to the frenzy and the mystery to discover the mission of Selene, the protagonist.

In the middle of the game, we have a very tight gameplay in which you run, jump and shoot the enemies with many tentacles coming towards you, he commented. But there are also many bullet hell elements, so the main focus of the game is to maneuver, dodge, run and shoot at a fast pace.

As you go through Atropos, find out who your main character is, what is the deepest secret that she is trying to answer, and also how this planet relates to the big picture. Here you can see the new material:

After a delay, Returnal appears to have no further delays. The game has already completed its development, so everything seems to be ready for PS5 to receive this title on the scheduled date. If you want to know more about its new formula, you cannot miss our impressions of its bullet hell action, Metroid spirit and roguelike development.

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