Moonglow Bay announced, an endearing fishing RPG for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Steam

Moonglow Bay announced, an endearing fishing RPG for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Steam

One of the more colorful games announced during the Twitch presentation of [email protected] about indie games is without a doubt Moonglow bayby Bunnyhug Games. And they define it as a fishing RPG. A very refreshing and endearing story that you can play this year on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One thanks to Game Pass, and also on Steam.

In Moonglow Bay you play a novice fisherman, working with friends, family, and neighbors in the small fishing village to improve your fishing techniques, thereby helping tracing the declining local economy. In between, you will cultivate your relationships with the other characters.

The main mechanic is fishing, and there will be more than 100 colorful creatures to fish in the bay and from the boat … including the odd one sea ​​monster.

But not everything will be to throw the cane, because the kitchen will be another of the pillars of the game. In addition, with the money we earn we can improve our boat, while we contribute to the centennial celebrations of the town.

Moonglow bay

The small town of Moonglow Bay is situated on the east coast of canada, and has a nostalgic atmosphere of the 80s. The story will be very emotional and will be the center of the game, although its fishing mechanics seem perfect to relax until you complete the entire list of fish

Moonglow Bay will be released in 2021 on the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem from day one and on Steam. In their website, claim to have nothing to advertise on other platforms. It is the first game from the small studio Bunnyhug Games, and will be published by Coatsink.

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