Monster Hunter Rise: 8 Tips You Will Be Thankful To Know Before You Start Playing

Monster Hunter Rise: 8 Tips You Will Be Thankful To Know Before You Start Playing

Monster Hunter Rise is here for Nintendo Switch and it proposes a formula already known within the saga that contains great improvements and additions with respect to past deliveries. An ideal game for newbies and also for veterans.

If you’re already sharpening your longsword, before diving into MH Rise, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of its more important concepts. These tips will help get your hunts off to a good start.

Monster Hunter Rise: 8 Tips You Will Be Thankful To Know Before You Start Playing

Be patient, farm and upgrade your hunter

Monster hunter rise is a game that requires patience, farming and gathering ingredients while exploring the map. With this installment you have hundreds of hours ahead of you, so don’t be in a rush. You may need to take down the same monster four times to get its full armor set, or you may have to search for an elusive ore in different locations. Fear not, not everything is achieved first.

You must prepare for the hunt and there is nothing better than eating a good plate of dangos in the canteen to gain statistics. In addition, your inventory will be key.

Control your inventory of items

There are huge amounts of objects in Monster Hunter Rise and a large majority will help you on your hunts. Access the list of formulas to know how to manufacture best potions, poisoned meats, traps or drinks that boost your attack and defense.

Tidy up your trunk so you have everything at hand and keep in mind what you can add to your inventory, as many items are tremendously useful in battle. Accessibility options will help first timers a lot.

Understand each type of weapon

There are 14 weapons that are available in Monster Hunter Rise. The most veteran will have them all controlled, but if you are new or new to the saga, learn their combos and functions in the training zone. You can also check all his combos and attacks in the Weapons Guide from the main menu.

There are simpler weapons and more complex weapons, and they can all perform different functions. The bow offers long-range versatility and support in group combat. The sword and shield is simple, but provides speed and defense. The loaded ax is complex to handle, but devastating when mastered.

Equip appropriate armor for each fight

Monsters have different elemental attacks and apart from looking for the best armor taking into account general protection, you also have to keep in mind the resistances that they bring you.

For example, if you are going to fight a Rathalos, it is best to equip an armor that gives you resistance to fire. Remember that you can also upgrade each piece of armor using Armor Spheres. Ornaments are essential for extra perks, don’t forget to equip them.

Learn how to use the chordopter

The chordopter is Rise’s great addition and the most important when it comes to moving and fighting. Navigating the map with this tool is much easier and fighting becomes much more important since theThe techniques of cordoamarre and cordocaída are fundamental. Familiarizing yourself with the controls and capabilities of the chordopter with each weapon will help you infinitely in your hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise EMBARGO

Become a beast tamer

Riding monsters is one of the great novelties of Monster Hunter Rise and a fundamental tool to cause serious damage to our objective. Look for two beasts to face each other and when you have the opportunity, get on one of them. You can also use tie-down abilities to deal damage that will weaken monsters enough to climb onto them.

Once on its back, attack others and if the target to be killed is the enemy you are riding on, try to collide with another monster. Get off the target and get on the other. With this you must attack indiscriminately so you can cause great damage to the real enemy. Remember to dodge and attack at the right time to gain access to the “Mounted Avenger“.

Comrade Square and Hunting Companions

The Canyne and Felynes are extremely important in this installment. Both companions will help you in the hunt. The Canyne will allow you to move at full speed and the Felyne will support your fights with all kinds of tricks. Besides, you will also collect valuable items.

The Plaza Comrade is also essential. It is located in Kamura and this place will allow you to recruit more companions and send them in search of more materials and objects. Visit this place regularly, as it is an extremely useful feature to farm a number of items in a complementary way to hunts.

Collaborate with other players online

After having contested the quests in the village, a new experience full of group possibilities opens before us. Thanks to multiplayer mode for up to four players you can go hunting accompanied by friends and strangers. Collaborating in a group to take down a monster is one of the best experiences of the saga and it could be very useful to hunt down that beast that resists you alone.

Monster hunter rise

Are you ready for the hunt? Do not hesitate to consult the analysis of Monster hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch that already aspires to become one of the best on the console.

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