Hades sweeps the Bafta awards and stands as the great winner with 5 statuettes

Hades sweeps the Bafta awards and stands as the great winner with 5 statuettes

Hades continues to sweep the world, both in terms of prizes and positive receptions from the players. The Nintendo Switch exclusive rose as the Best Game of 2020 at the BAFTA Awards, and also got four other statuettes that make it the most awarded title of this gala.

This is no surprise, as Hades was also named Best Game of the Year 2020 at the New York Game Awards, as well as getting numerous nominations at the Game Awards and other video game ceremonies. Recently, the game had a physical release for Nintendo Switch, which has earned it to enter the top 10 best-selling games in the United Kingdom.

Hades swept the BAFTA awards, even beating other titles of the scope of The Last of Us Part II and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Specifically, the exclusive of Switch and PC triumphed in the categories of Best Game, Art Design, Best Game Design, Best Narrative, and Best Supporting Performance, for Logan Cunningham.

The title of Supergiant Games I didn’t have it easy at all, since in 2020 authentic games came out such as Doom Eternal, Half-Life Alyx or Ori and the Will of the Wisps, in addition to the two exclusives from Sony and Nintendo already mentioned. It is especially striking that an indie game (of extraordinary quality, of course) has outperformed true AAA games.

In the category of Best Game, Hades was the chosen one, ahead of other titles such as Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima, Animal Crossing New Horizons, The Last of Us 2 and Half-Life Alyx. In addition, it became the most awarded video game of the gala. The rest of the winners were the following:

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  • Best Animation: The Last of Us Part II
  • Best Audio Design: Ghost of Tsushima
  • Best British Game: Sackboy Big Adventure
  • Best Debut Game: Carrion
  • Most immersive game: Sea of ​​Thieves
  • Best Family Game: Sackboy Big Adventure
  • Best Game and Entertainment: Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Best Multiplayer: Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Most original proposal: Kentucky Route Zero
  • Best Leading Performance: Laura Bailey (Abby in The Last of Us II)
  • Best Technical Design: Dreams
  • Audience Game of the Year: The Last of Us Part II

If you have not tried Hades yet, we invite you to do so at Nintendo Switch or PC, but it is a wonderful video game that everyone should enjoy. Not surprisingly, Xbox users would want to see it soon on their consoles, although it will not finally be part of today’s Xbox ID event.

Source: BAFTA

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