Green Hell, the psychological thriller and survival adventure in the Amazon, announces its arrival on consoles

Green Hell, the psychological thriller and survival adventure in the Amazon, announces its arrival on consoles

The survival game genre is living a second youth, and even now they transcend beyond the PC. Titles like Rust or Valheim have shown that this genre has a rope for a while, and the arrival of Green Hell to PS4 and Xbox One is a good example of this.

For those who do not know, Green Hell is a survival horror game that takes place in the Amazon, in the purest Cannibal Holocaust or Green Inferno style. Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch since 2019, but now It will also come to PlayStation and Xbox.

It was one of the announcements of the past Future Games Show, and it is in line with the launch of Rust on consoles. Green Hell Console Edition will arrive next month of June to PS4 and Xbox One, developed by Creepy Jar and offering an experience that mixes survival with first-person survival horror and exploration.

To celebrate this launch on consoles, Green Hell has new trailer, which shows its new features on PS4 and One, as well as modifications in the control and other novelties. Since the game has already been released on Switch, adapting to these Sony and Microsoft consoles will not be that difficult.

Green Hell is not an outright survival game like Rust is. We will have to find food and drink, build objects and look for life in the inhospitable jungles of the Amazon, but it is only a pretext that gives rise to his horror plot. As you can imagine, cannibals will be a real headache in this adventure.

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One of the great novelties that Green Hell includes are dynamic cycles for the environment, both in relation to weather conditions such as day and night cycles. For example, when a tropical storm breaks out, we will have to seek shelter, unless we want to be grazing in these dark jungles and what they hide.

Green Hell is one of the psychological survival thrillers most interesting games on PC and Nintendo Switch, and now gamers PS4 and Xbox One they will also be able to enjoy it. It will be next June, although at the moment there is no specific date confirmed.

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