Balan Wonderworld includes a scene that can be dangerous to your health even if you are not epileptic

Balan Wonderworld includes a scene that can be dangerous to your health even if you are not epileptic

The wonderful magical world of Balan Wonderworld hits stores today; a Square Enix release starring the well-known Yuji Naka (creator of Sonic), and that you can enjoy in Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One.

Surely some of you are already playing this original platform title, of which we already showed you details of its cooperative mode in its latest trailer. As you know, Balan Wonderworld is a very colorful and gimmicky game, but there is a scene in particular that goes further …

Is about the fight against the final boss of Balan Wonderworld, as well as the achievement of said combat. Of course, given that it is a dangerous scene and that it is also a spoiler for the outcome of the game, we are not going to leave it here. Here you can see the scene in question, but great care.

According to the Game Informer medium, this scene from Balan Wonderworld it is especially dangerous for health, even if you do not suffer from epilepsy and related problems. The mixture of very garish colors, the three-dimensional movement of the enemies and some waves emitted by the boss form a very complicated cocktail of assimilate through our mind, and so the editor attests Liana ruppert of said medium.

Apparently, and according to people who know closely the problem of epilepsy in video games, this scene does not comply with the filters that the developers apply for this disease, since in the background you can see white glows. The editor of Game Informer herself says she feels dizzy when seeing this scene, and the same with other colleagues, users of social networks and her husband.

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It is your decision to see this scene, although remember that it is the final battle of square enix game, as well as the denouement of the story. We remind you that Balan Wonderworld is available from today, and you can see its latest trailer focused on Leo and Emma, ​​its protagonists.

At the moment, Square Enix has not taken action with this sequence of Balan Wonderworld, although Game Informer assures that its editor has already contacted the company to deal with this matter.

Source: Game Informer

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