World of Warcraft: how to get the Bananas or Bananas mascot for free

World of Warcraft: how to get the Bananas or Bananas mascot for free

Thanks to the good work of the community of World of Warcraft, Now every user of the game will be able to claim totally free to Bananas, the monkey pet that can accompany you during the adventure and we give you all the steps you need to take it with you right now as a faithful companion.

And it is thanks to the generous donations it has received Doctors without bordersIn particular, more than $ 500,000 from the player community, Bananas, a cute pet that you can take with you to your Blizzard account, has been unlocked for all users.

The truth is that claiming the monkey pet is tremendously simple, but it is likely that if you do not go to the right place, you will miss it, and considering that it will be available in principle until August 1, it is better that you go hurrying.

World of Warcraft: how to get the Bananas or Bananas mascot for free

After reaching the goal of exceeding $ 500,000 in donations to Doctors Without Borders, Bananas have been unlocked for all users in the community.

Blizzard clarifies that the mascot Bananas was born on one of the islands off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale and is the son of King Mukla.

To claim the free reward simply go to blizzard store, in any of the versions of the country you belong to, and in the upper carousel you can find the direct access where it basically says “solidarity objective reached, Bananas unlocked”.

If the carousel is no longer available, you can always search the store for Bananas and find it manually to claim it, but before August 1.

Once you click on the corresponding button to claim the reward, and making sure that you are logged in, you will be redirected to another page with details about the promotion and if you click on the claim now button again, you will be added to the game. Note that you will be added to the player’s pet journal the next time you log into a character on that account.

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If the community continues to contribute, and reaches the goal of $ 1 million donated by April 26, the lovable lazy Margarita will also be unlocked, also for a limited time. World of Warcraft Shadowlands has the highest pre-orders of any World of Warcraft expansion. You can get in tune by consulting one of our guides, such as the one that shows you how to tame the Rajani war worm in World of Warcraft and get the 16th anniversary reward.

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