Trailer of The Virtuoso, the new thriller starring Anthony Hopkins

Trailer of The Virtuoso, the new thriller starring Anthony Hopkins

After delighting us with The father, the new Anthony Hopkins it’s ready to hit theaters now. Is about The Virtuoso, an interesting thriller written by James C. Wolf and directed Nick Stagliano after making the films A great day and The Florentine: A cocktail bar and friends.

Playing a mentor to a hit man, Hopkins gives him an enigmatic mission in which he must correctly identify his target, giving him a clue of a mysterious name, White Rivers. Thus, the murderer heads to a small town to locate his target, haunted by a deadly mistake he made in the past.

However, the mission is further complicated when the killer sees several possible targets as strong candidates to be the mysterious White Rivers. As if that weren’t enough, a chance encounter (or maybe not?) With a seductive woman in the town’s restaurant threatens to derail his mission.

In order to open your mouth for its premiere, the The Virtuoso official trailer, which you can take a look at through the following video.

Aside from Anthony Hopkins, The Virtuoso cast is led by actors Anson mount (Inhumans, Visions), Abbie Cornish (Jack Ryan, Three Ads on the Outskirts), Diora baird (Cobra Kai, Sinister Sister), Eddie marsan (Abigail and the Lost City, The Gentlemen: The Mafia Lords) and David morse (The Woodpecker, Escape at Dannemora).

The Virtuoso film will be released in theaters in the United States and on VOD on April 30, 2021.

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