The new Amazon Fire TV Stick arrives (2021): these are its price and features

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick arrives (2021): these are its price and features

Amazon devices are almost always good options to buy in each of their fields: e-book readers, speakers with smart assistant, tablets, and of course, the Fire TV for television. And now they just launch the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021), a new version of one of the devices with the best quality / price ratio of Amazon, and one of the most recommended by experts.

That makes? Simply put, it turns a standard TV into a Smart TV where you install apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + or similar. This third generation comes with a renewed remote control, and with added compatibility for Dolby Atmos. They are slight improvements, but welcome considering that the price of the previous one is maintained. If you were thinking of buying a device to be able to install apps like Netflix and company on the TV, the Fire TV Stick (2021) is the best option, and it costs right now 39.99 euros on Amazon.

The new command It establishes a key difference with respect to the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, a somewhat cheaper version. It has infrared, so it will not only help us to move through the menus and choose a movie and an app, but we can also control the volume of the TV with this control, turn it off or on, or even control other audio devices that work with a infrared remote control. What’s more, the button to use Alexa has turned blue, reminding us that we do not even have to carry out the search, but that we can ask with our voice to put one or another series or film. And they have added four additional buttons which are shortcuts to the most used streaming video platforms: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +; already the musical platform Amazon Music.

The other difference? The Support for Dolby Atmos system natively. The basic one is already compatible and lets the signal pass to the Dolby Atmos TV. But there are apps that require the signal to be processed natively on the device where the app is installed. Netflix, for example, is one of them. So if you want to take advantage of Dolby Atmos sound, which is an evolved surround, you need this new device.

Is it worth it for 10 euros more? Yes. If you have equipment to listen to audio with Dolby Atmos, undoubtedly. But if you don’t have them too. It seems silly, but being able to use only the control of the Fire TV Stick (2021) does not have everything disorganized full of controls. The price difference is very small for a device that is actually cheap, and that happens to turn your television into a Smart TV.

For 39.99 euros It is one of the best options you have right now to be able to install apps on your TV and watch Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +, to be able to watch DAZN or videos on YouTube, or even to listen to music in your living room.

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