Superman changes his catchphrase to suit modern times

Superman changes his catchphrase to suit modern times

The saying already goes: Renewed or die. And that is something that we have lived in the superhero comics continuously, contemplating a multitude of adaptations and changes in the most popular characters. And of course, someone like Superman, whose origins date back to the late 30s, could not be less when it comes to updating, slightly modifying its most popular slogan.

The superman slogan was first spoken during the radio series The Adventures of Superman, where the character was defined as a hero who waged a “never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way,” something that has evolved over time.

Originally Superman was seen as a patriotic hero, as his creation coincided with when the United States fought in World War II. His catchphrase emphasized that the Kryptonian alien hero represented the best of the American way, which, over time, has become an increasingly less important part of the character’s identity in movies. dc comics.

Now number 16 of the Batman / Superman comic performed by Gene Luen Yang, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki and Saida Temofonte shows a clear tribute to the early days of the Man of Steel. The comic retells the origins of Superman, only this time they modify the slogan to adapt it to modern times, defining him as a champion of “truth, tolerance and justice.”

What do you think the change of Superman’s catchphrase in DC comics? Meanwhile, here we remind you of the 10 most powerful villains that exist in the DC Comics universe.

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