Sega announces Total War: Rome Remastered, out on PC on April 29

Sega announces Total War: Rome Remastered, out on PC on April 29

Fans of the Total War saga are in luck, and it is that very soon they will be able to enjoy one of the best classics of the strategy genre for PC … as it has never been seen before. Sega just announced the release of Total War: Rome Remastered, which comes out next April 29 on Steam.

Managing the conquests of the Roman Empire has never been so much fun, and with Total War Rome Remastered you can revive it with technical improvements and added functions. Based on the game released in 2004, this remastered version is being developed by Creative Assembly (its original creators) and Feral Interactive.

Total War: Rome Remastered will go on sale on Steam next April 29 for PC players, with incredible improvements and a renewed technical section compared to the original title. In addition, this new version adds an updated list of factions, accessibility improvements, support for HD and 4K definitions, as well as a renewed interface.

What better excuse than the 20th anniversary of Total War to enjoy a masterpiece again? The original release of Rome is a special event for us, as it was our first highly successful title. Having the opportunity to remaster it with our Feral friends is incredible.” explains Rob Bartholomew of Creative Assembly (Alien Isolation).

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux, Total War Rome Remastered is compatible with 4K resolutions, and enjoys totally renewed environments, maps, modeling and graphics. In playable matter, 16 new factions added at 22 already existing.

The multiplayer modes of this Total War Rome Remastered will have cross game between PC platforms, with numerous tutorials, a new interface, a new wiki, as well as a new tactical map, new diplomacy system and the ability to rotate the camera in campaign mode, among many other new features.

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How could it be otherwise, Total War: Rome Remastered also includes the expansions released for the original game, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, and free access to Original Total War Rome (2004). Without a doubt, the best way to revive this extraordinary PC classic.

Total War: Rome Remastered coming to Steam next April 29, at a reduced price of 29.99 euros. If you haven’t played the original PC title, this is your best chance to enjoy one of the best strategy games ever.

Source: Sega Europe

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