Resident Evil Archives II, the second bible project in the saga, will be available this week

Resident Evil Archives II, the second bible project in the saga, will be available this week

Resident Evil fans: the next March 27th you have an important appointment. While we wait for the launch of Resident Evil Village on May 7, the Spanish website of Resident Evil Center has presented the second chapter of his bible of the saga.

Resident Evil Archives II It is the perfect complement for every fan of the franchise; an extensive document translated into Spanish that teaches us all the secrets of Resident Evil. Its creators are big fans of the saga, who have a great reputation among the fandom of our country and social media.

As announced by Resident Evil Center on its Twitter account, the project of Resident Evil Archives II hits the web on March 27, translated into Spanish and available in various resolutions, in Pdf format. In addition, it commemorates the 25th anniversary of the saga, with numerous anecdotes and stories from the lore of the Capcom franchise.

For those who do not know, Resident Evil Center is the main Resident Evil database in Spain, with all kinds of news, videos, files, documents and tons of information on this legendary horror saga. If you are fans, do not hesitate to access its official website.

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Looking to soak up the wisdom of Archives II, you’re sure to be curious about read the first chapter. And the best thing is that you can enjoy it with one click, as it is available on the Resident Evil Center website. Like this second installment, it is a book full of information about the lore of the saga, characters, games, plots and much more.

The Resident Evil Center website offers different resolutions and files on these projects from Resident Evil Archives, so that everyone can enjoy this huge database of the saga. The next March 27th you can enjoy Archives II and spend a weekend of real terror.

Source: Resident Evil Center

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