Godzilla also proposes to sweep mobile phones with three new games announced for Android and iOS

Godzilla vs. Kong Cast Join "Team Godzilla" or "Team Kong" In New Movie Trailer

Godzilla and Kong are on everyone’s lips and it is that the ring is ready for the showdown of the year between two of the fiercest beasts in popular culture. The film opens at the end of this month and it seems that the fever for it has generated the development of more projects.

Godzilla and his nuclear pulse will also hit the mobile gaming market and it is that three new titles have been announced for Android and iOS devices. Its creators TOHO Games, have already detailed the first information.

Run Godzilla, Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line will arrive this 2021 to the whole world. The first will be Run Godzilla which launches today, March 25. The pre-registration campaigns for Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line will also begin today.

The Godzilla universe is loved by people around the worldregardless of your age or nationalitycommented Keiji Ota, director of these titles. For all Godzilla fans, we at Toho will continue to venture into new territory to build and expand the Godzilla universe. Expect even more destruction!

The first title will allow to raise Godzilla and other Kaijus so that they grow and become stronger, in the second, the King of the monsters will cause the destruction of great cities and the third will add combats between different creatures of his universe.

Of course, if you are also looking forward to the movie that will narrate the clash between the titans, you can start to warm up with our review of Godzilla vs. Kong: the blockbuster fun you’ve been waiting for.

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