Ghost of Tsushima confirms its sales success: reaches 6.5 million games sold

Ghost of Tsushima confirms its sales success: reaches 6.5 million games sold

This is all good news for Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch’s brand new PS4 exclusive (also playable on PS5 via backward compatibility). And it is that the epic adventure of Jin Sakai it is a success and it becomes one of Sony’s best-selling console exclusives.

A while ago we dropped the bomb on you: Ghost of Tsushima will be turned into a movie, from the hand of the director of John Wick. And the sales figures of the PS4 game continue to grow like foam. The Sucker Punch Title has reached 6.5 million games sold, since its launch in July 2020.

The last count of Ghost of Tsushima sales was last November, when the game had passed the barrier of 5 million copies sold. That implies that 1.5 million games have been sold in just five months; spectacular figures, no doubt.

On the other hand, Sucker Punch will have a special role in the production of the Ghost of Tsushima film. The creators of Infamous were appointed official ambassadors of Tsushima Island, by his great work and historical fidelity of the game with the events that occurred in reality (the invasion of the Mongols).

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Sony has been very surprised with business performance from Ghost of Tsushima. Planned as a title geared towards the Japanese market, the developers of Sucker Punch had to thoroughly study the history of feudal Japan, and it has even served as an inspiration for creatives such as Daisuke Sato, who are considering launching Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan in the West.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best PS4 exclusive games, and its quality is in line with the incredible business performance it is achieving around the world. A sequel to the Sucker Punch game could even be in the pipeline …

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