An Apex Legends leak would have revealed the addition of the Titans to the battle royale

An Apex Legends leak would have revealed the addition of the Titans to the battle royale

Apex Legends has managed to position itself as one of the most popular battle royale on the market Throughout its trajectory since 2019. The title of Respawn Entertainment draws from the universe of Titanfall and its sequel and expands the ideas we saw in both installments.

However, Apex Legends it does not feature the most distinctive element of Titanfall: the Titans themselves. Instead, the legends of the Apex games take center stage, although there are many fans calling for the addition of these robotic beasts.

The presence of Titans in Apex Legends has been discussed a lot because they could be great additions, but also completely break the game. Nothing has been known about this matter, but a dataminer has released a video showing what the arrival of the titans could be.

Biast12, known within the Apex Legends scene, published a video showing the abilities of Blisk, a supposed new character, which Titanfall players will already know. One of his abilities would be to deploy a titan auto that would patrol an area.

Blisk acted as the main antagonist of the sequel and is the driving force behind the Apex games themselves. Will this addition be confirmed in the future? At the moment, feet of lead with all this, since it is not official sources. Anyway, would you like to see the titans in free to play or do you think they are harmful?

Meanwhile, what about Titanfall 3? EA says the decision to release a new installment is up to Respawn. Did you know that Apex Legends has generated a billion dollars in two years? What will be the next thing that incorporates the saga?

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