The creators of Guacamelee will announce their new game at the ID Xbox event this Friday

The creators of Guacamelee will announce their new game at the ID Xbox event this Friday

Big surprises await us this week, as a result of the ID Xbox event, which will take place next Friday 26 at 17:00 (Spanish time). One of them will be the new DrinkBox game, the creators of the fun Guacamelee titles, although there will be more announcements of indie games for Xbox.

While Hades won’t be on the Xbox ID event schedule, that doesn’t mean we won’t see big announcements for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. DrinkBox will unveil its new game, which has already confirmed that it will not be Guacamelee 3, as announced on social networks.

This claim that it won’t be a sequel also rules out a new installment of Severed, but we’re sure what’s new from DrinkBox it will be as fun as Guacamelee 2, which to date is his latest work.

At the ID Xbox event there will also be other great announcements within the indie scene. For example, Devolver Digital, Curve Digital and Dear Villagers will present their new titles for Xbox and PC consoles, of which nothing is known yet, but we will know in just three days.

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Microsoft confirmed last week that this Xbox ID event will reveal up to 25 new games, with a total of 100 titles within the schedule. It will be held at 17:00 Spanish time, the next Friday 26, and will show a part of what is coming for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Thus, Xbox joins Nintendo and PlayStation, which recently have already held their respective indie game events. However, there will also be room for other titles with more baggage, such as Second Extinction, The Ascent or STALKER 2, from which we will see new gameplay.

Source: GameSpot

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