Richard Stallman returns to the board of the Free Software Foundation

Richard Stallman regresa al consejo de la Free Software Foundation 28

Richard Stallman, founder and former president of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), has returned to the Board of Directors of this non-profit organization that has the objective of spreading the free software movement and with it “The freedom of computer users.”

Richard Stallman was participating in the virtual event LibrePlanet to talk about the typical at a programmer’s conference: unfair computing including locked operating systems; non-free client software or app stores that limit user freedom. And the bomb arrived that our companions from very linux:

I have an announcement to make. I am now on the Board of Directors of the Free Software Foundation once again. We were working on a video to announce this, but it turned out to be difficult, we didn’t… I have no experience doing that kind of thing, so it was not finished, but here is the announcement. Some of you will be happy and some of you may be disappointed, but who knows? In any case, that’s how it is and i’m not giving up a second time«.

The return of Richard Stallman

Stallman resigned in September 2019 as chairman and board member of the FSF and also from his position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, following his comments regarding an alleged case of child abuse by another MIT scientist. A repeated scandal because It was not the first time that Stallman made controversial public statements on such issues.

Stallman’s resignation was welcomed at the time by some prominent advocates of free software, including GNOME CEO Neil McGovern and the Free Software Foundation’s sister organization on the old continent, FSF Europe. Stallman also resigned as a visiting scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Now, he has rejoined the council and has no intention of resigning again. FSF Executive Director John Sullivan confirmed to The Register Stallman has rejoined the board and the programmer is already on the membership roster.

Beyond controversies (of all kinds that have accompanied him for years), Richard Matthew Stallman is a key figure in world technology. Known especially for being the founder of the free software movement and the creation of a political, legal and moral framework on this type of software, his curriculum is impressive, from his doctorate with honors at MIT; the creation of the GNU project; the invention of the copyleft concept and its contributions to world software freely given to the community under open licenses.

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