Red Dead Online: Earn Double Rewards in A New Job Source and Other Quests and Modes

Red Dead Online: Earn Double Rewards in A New Job Source and Other Quests and Modes

Like every week, we bring you the weekly news in Red Dead Online. And we start by remembering that last week the Outlaw Pass V, with 80 levels of rewards with which you can get a good dog. Regarding the weekly rewards, there are two types of missions and some modes, in addition to the usual discounts.

The missions of The land of opportunity, in which you help avenge the widow Jessica LeClerk; and the telegram missions of A new source of employment, for single player, they offer double RDOS and EXP.

The horse races They also offer double the money and experience this week, until March 30. And if you play in a gang this week, you will enjoy a 30% discount on one block.

As always, the store Wheeler, Rawson & Co. offers clothing for a limited time, which are still available.

  • Fernwater coat
  • Hopeman Vest
  • Luxury tailcoat
  • Strickland Boots
  • Baroque cowboy spurs
  • Stocky top hat
  • Rolled up skirt
  • Appliqued trousers
  • Gardenias hat

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We also show you the discounts This week:

  • 30% on all horses
  • 50% on saddles and horse equipment
  • 30% on coats and ponchos
  • 30% on shoulder bags
  • 40% in liquor store decorations and band expansion cost
  • 40% of everything the country store offers, including camping dogs

Finally, remember that users of Prime Gaming get additional bonuses:

  • Free Bounty Hunter License
  • Ornate amethyst skin for the bounty hunter’s chariot.

In addition, players who link your account to Prime Gaming before April 12 They will get a 30% discount on some versatile horses and a selection of horse product guides sold by the fence, as well as a 40% discount on all saddles.

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