Final Fantasy XI Reboot, the new version of the MMORPG for mobile phones, canceled

Final Fantasy XI Reboot, the new version of the MMORPG for mobile phones, canceled

Surely you all remember Final Fantasy XI, which was the first installment of the saga to bet on a massively multiplayer mode in PC, PS2 and Xbox 360, in the style of World of Warcraft or the most recent Final Fantasy XIV. In 2015 it was announced a reboot of the title for mobile, but it has finally been canceled.

This has been announced Nexon, what I was working on the game for years In collaboration with Square enix. It was collected by the portal, highlighting that the development was quite tortuous, since in theory it had to have been launched in 2016, and the first captures were not shared until 2018.

Nexon has made the decision in line with Square Enix, claiming that Final Fantasy XI Reboot did not reach the standards and quality levels that the Final Fantasy saga deserves. Therefore, the development team has been relocated to work on other projects.

Final Fantasy XI R was announced in the year 2015., as a port of the PC version for mobile devices. The idea was not bad, since today many players enjoy multiplayer titles on their mobiles. A good example is Genshin Impact, whose biggest source of income is this platform.

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As we have already told you, the development of Final Fantasy XI R was very troublesome. Initially, it was planned that went on sale in 2016, but the delays kept happening and we didn’t get a glimpse of the title until 2018.

Since the project did not reach an optimal level for sale, Square enix has decided to focus its efforts on its two upcoming Final Fantasy mobile games. These are Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, a Battle Royale inspired by the seventh installment of the saga.

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