Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson reveals first page of script

Black Adam - Dwayne Johnson reveals first page of script

It was 2014, The Man of Steel had already been released and Zack snyder had ambitious plans for him DC Extended Universe. Dwayne johnson signed with Warner to play Black Adam, the antihero faced with Shazam and one of his favorite characters from the dc comics. However, Warner’s course with respect to DC changed again. The “Snyderverse” seems doomed not to continue and Warner has different DC projects on the table, both connected and independent. Luckily, after seven years, it seems that Black Adam will finally see the light.

In less than three weeks the filming of the film starring Dwayne Johnson will begin. The success of Shazam! in 2019 it promoted the bets for the black adam movie after it started to look like we would never see it materialize.

Dwayne Johnson is understandably happy to get fully started on filming Black Adam, and has shared a video with his fans in which he anticipates a great movie that will bring the film to life. dc character Yet the Justice Society of America.

In addition, Dwayne Johnson has shared some pages of the script in the video itself, although they have already been reviewed by the writers Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani ahead of the filming of the movie. Black Adam has been a villain and hero in the DC comics, and Johnson anticipates that the movie will see a glimmer of each of those facets of the character. We will have to be attentive to their social networks, since The Rock is famous for following up on its filming with some statements and images that always give something to talk about.

Do you want to see what the Black Adam movie has in store for us?

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