A new patent for the Joy-Con could confirm the development of Nintendo Switch Pro

A new patent for the Joy-Con could confirm the development of Nintendo Switch Pro

The success of Nintendo switch is overwhelming, and four years after its release keeps selling like churros, along with their exclusive games. However, it is an open secret that the Big N is working on his successor, which is already known as Switch Pro.

This morning we have told you that NVIDIA will have a special role in Switch Pro, in relation to DLSS technology. Now, youtuber Mike Perez has revealed a new patent for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, which could belong to what will be the new Nintendo console.

Although it is not confirmed, the design of this new patent draws a lot of attention. Maybe it refers to a review of the Joy-Con for the current Nintendo Switch, either from the Big No. itself or from a licensed brand like Hori. We found a number of good details in this patent.

As shared by Mike Perez on his channel Nintendo Academy, This new patent reveals some Joy-Con that rescue the classic crosshead of a lifetime, to the detriment of what we see in current Joy-Con. This is at the top, and just below we find a new type of joystick.

Nintendo may have a new model of the Joy-Con in its plans, ending the drift problems of current joysticks. It is a model that reminiscent of flat 3DS joysticks. In other words, it’s more of a circular control panel than a conventional joystick.

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As a final point, we find two buttons just below the control panel. We assume that one of them is the Screenshot buttonwhile the other could be the Home button. It is striking that both are in the same Joy-Con, unlike what happens in current models.

Patents often refer to unofficial products or past projects, so we cannot confirm that it is a future Joy-Con. Maybe it’s for him current model of Nintendo Switch, or they may refer to Switch Pro, the successor to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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