Wallis Day to play Kate Kane in Batwoman season 2, replacing Ruby Rose

Wallis Day to play Kate Kane in Batwoman season 2, replacing Ruby Rose

If there is one thing we can be sure of when it comes to the Batwoman series, it is that it is a series that aims to drive us totally crazy with its character changes. After playing Kate kane as Batwoman in the crossovers of the Arrowverse and in the first season of the series, Ruby rose left the show after sustaining an injury (and spurred on by a barrage of “made in Twitter” criticism). Instead of continuing with another actress, The CW decided that the mantle of Batwoman would fall to a new character.

That character would be Ryan wilder, who would the actress give life to Javicia leslie in the second season of the series. Well, in the first half of the second season, since we are now engrossed in the second half of that batch of episodes.

However, it seems that the unknown of what happened to Kate Kane requires the return of the character to explain her departure from history, even more so because she is the original protagonist. The next few episodes are going to address this plot, but without Ruby Rose.

As reported Deadline, the actress Wallis day (Krypton) will be in charge of embodying Kate Kane in the second season of Batwoman. The series will presumably explain why the character’s change in appearance is due, although we do not know if Kate Kane will return to stay, although keeping the distance with the role of Batwoman, or if she will simply appear to explain her absence and leave again.

It’s certainly a curious move on The CW’s part after their decision not to replace Ruby Rose with another actress to play Kate Kane. What excuse do you think Batwoman will use to explain the many changes in Kate Kane?

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