There are very few television series that can boast of achieving certain achievements as time passes. Animated series tend to have a little more court by their nature and because the years do not take as much a toll on the voice of the voice actors as on their physical condition. Regardless, reaching the milestone of 700 episodes, as The Simpsons did yesterday, it is not mucus of turkey. The long-lived animated series has already shared 700 stories in its 32 seasons, in addition to leaving us a film more or less well brought.

The Internet did not take long to react to the achievement of The Simpsons of reaching 700 episodes aired in the United States, generally with congratulations, although we also found the inevitable comments alluding to the fact that the passing of the years has greatly devalued the quality of the series, which Despite being generational, it has softened a lot compared to its wild early seasons.

Despite the criticism, The Simpson was recently renovated by Disney for two more seasons, so at least it will go until season 34, staying close to 750 episodes if they continue with this number of episodes from recent seasons.

There is no doubt that in many respects, The Simpsons has been overtaken by series that came later. Family Guy took on a much more acid tone than the series of Matt Groening around the same time that The Simpsons softened back in season 11. Futurama gave fans of Groening’s works a hit, who saw in the year 3000 a totally crazy future and a breeding ground for a new series with longer than it lasted.

Whatever we think, the fact that getting to 700 episodes is not to belittle the efforts of The Simpsons team. The question is: what will be the cap for the series?